How To Fix Svchost using all the memory in Windows 8

Before getting deep into how to fix Svchost let us first know what is Svchost? Svchost is the window processes that helps in loading several critical services which helps in proper functioning of operations is Svchost.exe because nothing comes alone and everything is connected so for the proper functioning of anything in computer you need all the in between things to work properly.


When it comes to numbers of services then only single service cannot perform all the windows operations smoothly and the service of the critical services is provided by window processes that help in loading several critical services which helps in proper functioning of operations is Svchost .exe -k

But at times in spite of helping this process creates some problem for the users like “high CPU usage problem”. This is the most common faced by the users about Svchost.exe in which without running anything the system goes out of space but when Svchost uses all the memory in Windows 8 then the process can be fixed by the following way:

  • Windows 8 comes with all the necessary software and files so there are many things which you do not have to install in windows 8. So, before getting deep into let me tell you the basic problem and i.e. viruses. Sometimes the problems are not big and all you need to do is to have a good anti-virus so that it can debug the affected files and either it will repair them for you or uninstall them. This will be done as per your instructions so you do not have to worry about what all files will get deleted. Viruses or malicious programs does not need your permission to get into the computer system because there are many ways through which they can attack your computer; they can come when you open a site or download something.
  • When you are done with scanning but still the error persists then you can check all the programs which make use of Svchost.exe for their proper functioning because the programs which are using it becomes the reason of storage problems especially when Svchost uses all the memory in Windows 8 because then the chances become high. So, the main operation is the finding of the malicious file.
  • To find out which service is creating problem you can use two ways: first take the help of google and see whether the service is critical for the system or not and the second way is try going with stopping every service one by one so that you can know which one is creating trouble.
  • Sometimes the problem is created by the logs and the updating systems, so try to clear all logs and look at the information before updating any software because computer could not handle the space it wants. So, whether it is event or security log delete every log because sometimes logs occupies a lot of space because of which you face the storage space problems.

How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error in Browsers

DNS stands for Domain Name Server; it helps you to reach the destination website by translating the website address provided by you.

Computer has its own language to understand and as it does not understand the human language so we always require a mediator to work in between so that whole process can work efficiently and DNS is a server which acts as the mediator which translate the web address provided by you and asks the system to take you to the right place but sometimes reaching a right place becomes a bit difficult because of the DNS error.


DNS error occurs when we lose the connection to the network or server; it can be because of any reason maybe because of the problem on the server’s end or maybe because of the corrupt settings. The reason can be anything but it results in error in connection which becomes irritating sometime at the time of urgency. Many users also face issues like dns probe finished no internet So, I am here with the solution of this so that if at all in future you detect any problem in connecting to server then you can handle it easily and they are:

  1. Before starting resolving anything you need to know the root cause of it and it cannot be done with the system on which problem is occurring. So, first step is to connect another device to the network connection or router, if you do not have another computer then you can also use your mobile or tablet. This is done to figure out the root place where the problem is occurring.
  2. If you are able to connect on another device then the error is coming because of your computer but you are seeing the same error again then the problem is with your router.

When the problem lies with the computer:

You can go for troubleshooting your computer by checking whether the problem is with your browser or something else. So, first install another browser and try opening the same website. If the problem still persists then the problem lies with your computer setting and if no then try to reinstall the previous browser.

To solve the problem first disable all other network connection and connect the one you need and then change the DNS server and flush out all DNS cache because sometimes these cache interrupts the connection.


When the problem is with router:

To start with this first restart your router because sometimes it is just a temporary which can be resolved by just restarting them and if the problem persists then plug the Ethernet cable directly to the modem and check whether it is working or not. If you are able to connect then the problem is with your router and if not then contact ISP and enquire about the problem.

These are the ways through which you can check the connection by yourself if you do not have time to call someone to come and fix it for you.